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Time to Live Your God-Given Purpose

Course Description

Not living with purpose could cost you peace and happiness. This course will open your eyes to what God had in mind when He created the world. Every individual born into this world, was born with a purpose – no matter how long they live. If everyone lived and operated within their purpose, the world would be a better place. The Purpose Academy was God’s mission to help people across the globe to open their eyes to what they have possibly been seeking or feeling incomplete about. It is time to learn about purpose, study purpose, and start living in purpose. You are the missing piece to God’s puzzle.

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me…” (Psalm 138:8, ESV)

Purpose Learners Will:

-Understand the definition of purpose

-Establish a relationship with God in understanding His mission in their lives

-Identify what the myths of purposeful lives

-Identify they possess a God-given purpose

-Understand what happens when purpose is not achieved in every person’s life

-Explore action steps towards devising their life with purpose – on purpose

-Understand how not living a life of purpose impacts your entire life – health, relationships, etc.

Note: This is the soft launch. The official launch is August 24

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What's included?

2 Videos
5 Texts
5 PDFs
1 Disqus
2 Audios
Tanisha Shanee
Tanisha Shanee

About the instructor

Tanisha Shanee is known as Miss Inspiration and she is the founder of Healing for Purpose. Tanisha is passionate about helping individuals in devising a healthier and happier life with purpose. 

Tanisha was first known for her tremendous weight loss story which she was featured in numerous publications such as Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Eating Well Magazine, First for Women Magazine. But, as she embarked on her own journey, she realized she was not just becoming healthier physically, but it was a gateway to helping others mentally and spiritually. 

Tanisha has over 7 years experience in adult education where she taught classes like Career Development and she was always helping others in finding the right direction for their lives. The Purpose Academy is her way of helping individuals in identifying their God-Given Purpose. 

Tanisha is a published author of Transition To A Healthier You and in July 2017, she released her first Inspirational Journal. Tanisha provides inspiration every Tuesday on Harlem's own WHCR 90.3 FM's The J Spot - every Tuesday 7-8p EST. Tanisha is an amazing speaker and has spoken at colleges, churches, and women's conferences to inspire others in devising healthier and happier lives. Learn more about Tanisha Shanee

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